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Driveshafts for Industrial Applications

Production and Repair of Drive Shafts with a flange diameter of up to 435 mm. and a length of 7.5 mtr.

In addition to the production and repair of cardan shafts in vehicle construction, Welte also manufactures cardan shafts for Industrial Applications in almost all areas of use (steel and mechanical engineering, paper industry, pump drives, railway applications, conveyor systems and metal industry). Special reinforced series and special flange connections (e.g. Hirth flanges) can be manufactured on request.

Welte Cardan-Service GmbH has developed into a leading company in the cardan shaft industry since 1972. In the process, we have continuously expanded our network of branches and partners. Under our brand names EDS and Cardan-Service we sell high-quality cardan shaft and components worldwide.

Our Industrial Drive Shafts can be found in:

Industrial Drive Shafts in Rolling Mills
Rolling Mills
Industrial Drive Shafts in Steel Mills
Steel Mills
Industrial Drive Shafts in industrial plants
Machine and plant construction
Industrial Drive Shafts in ships
Marine and ship propulsion systems
Industrial Drive Shafts in pump drives
Pump drives
Industrial Drive Shafts in paper machines
Paper machine
Industrial Drive Shafts in hoisting machines
Conveyor plants (mobile + stationary)
Drive Shafts for Railway Applications
Railway Applications
Industrial Drive Shafts in the crane industry
Crane industry

Special flange connections for Industrial Drive Shafts

Torque transmission through form-locking connections.
Hirth - Coupling at Welte
Hirth - Coupling
Claws - Interlock at Welte
Claws - Interlock
Cross Wedge Connection at Welte
Cross Wedge Connection

Drive Shafts for for Industrial Applications - Performance Overview:

  • Manufacture and Repair of almost every Cardan Shaft (lengths of over 7.5 mtr. and flange diameter of 435 mm. is possible)
  • Short delivery times
  • Cost estimate before each repair
  • Repair is manufacturer independent
  • Conceptual design and production of custom-made products
  • Assembly is carried out in accordance with ATEX guidelines
  • Balancing of Cardan Shafts according to ISO 1940
  • Repair and Production of Cardan Shafts is carried out according to the specifications of our quality management system (ISO 9001:2015)

Welte Cardan-Service GmbH in Essen.

In 2007 the company Voith KΓΌsel GmbH & Co. KG in Essen was taken over by Welte Cardan-Service GmbH. At present, 40 employees and 3 trainees from over 6 nations are employed at the Essen location.

Our branch in Essen is specialized in the production and repair of heavy-duty cardan shafts from a size of  Ø 225 - 435 mm. / 44.000 - 265.000 Nm. Standard drive shafts Ø 25 - 250 mm. are also part of our delivery program.