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Whether DIN, SAE, Mechanics or special connections - we manufacture almost every Driveshaft

By cooperating with the leading Driveshaft Manufacturers and service companies worldwide, we can cover almost any requirement. Our Driveshaft warehouse with more than 20,000 positions offers a maximum of type diversity, from which almost every Driveshaft can be manufactured.

On our balancing machines, we can balance Driveshaft up to 6,000 rpm and 2.8 tons in weight and 10 meters in length. All common connection types, such as DIN Ø 58 mm to 550 mm, SAE 1110 to 2000 series, Wing Style 2C to 20C, KV/XS Ø 100 mm to 210 mm, hub connections as well as US + Japanese standard connections are available.

Your Driveshaft according to your specifications:

The Driveshaft Manufacturer:

Technical design of Driveshafts

With the help of the latest 3D software, we can also display special assemblies with adapted connections, enabling us to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. An FEM analysis ensures the smooth and safe design of the Drive Shaft for all possible applications. The Drive Shaft is manufactured in accordance with the internal specifications of our quality management DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Realignment of our EDS brand

Under our brand names EDS and EDS PLUS we distribute high quality driveshaft components worldwide. In addition to a high technical standard, we also guarantee the availability of original parts to enable fast repairs or even new productions and thus achieve low downtimes for your vehicles or industrial plants. 

You can find more about EDS here.

Welte Driveshaft Product Range

Our Driveshaft Product Range includes more than 5,000 ready-to-install Drive Shafts and more than 20,000 Drive Shaft spare parts. Welte Drive Shafts are available both in the standard version and in the reinforced version (e.g. for heavy-duty shafts), each with and without length compensation. For tight installation conditions, a Short Couple Shaft will be used. Depending on the application, Steer Axle Joints, Constant Velocity Drive Shafts and any kind of Drive Shaft Combinations can also be delivered. You can find more information about our Drive Shaft Product Range on our subpage. 

What actually is a Driveshaft?

A Driveshaft is a machine element allowing for torque transmission between spatially offset input and output axes. Dynamic changes in length are compensated by means of a toothed sliding piece, the offset by means of universal joints (also called cardan joints). Torque fluctuations caused by large deflection angles, also called cardan errors, are minimized by using universal joints in pairs.

Where are Driveshafts used?

Drive Shafts are mainly used in vehicle construction (motor vehicles + commercial vehicles). In the agricultural sector, Drive Shafts are used, for example, to drive tractor attachments. Due to advancing automation, Drive Shafts are also becoming increasingly important in the field of engineering, both mechanical and plant construction.