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Welte History

Welte History

Take a look back at our company history.

2021: Currently Welte-Group employs approx. 400 people at home and abroad  

It is our history which has shaped our modern culture, our self-consciousness and our actions and will shape our future.  

2014: Relocation of the subsidiary Heidelberg / Gleisstraße / Hockenheim  

Relocation of the subsidiary Heidelberg over to Hockenheim. The production was expanded from 750 sqm ot 1700 sqm.  

2013: Takeover of Zinelli Franco S.r.l. Parma /Italy 

Takeover of Zinelli Franco S.r.l. Parma – today „Cardan-Service Italia Srl.“  

2010: Takeover of SYLDOS S.A. Lyon / France  

Takeover of SYLDOS S.A. – today „Welte Cardan-Service Lyon S.A.S.“  

2010: Founding of the company Welte Cardan-Service Ltd. Izmir / Turkey  

Founding of the company Welte Cardan-Service Ltd. in Turkey (Izmir).  

2008: Takeover of Cardan Service Provence S.A. Vitrolles / France  

Acquisition of majority stake in Cardan Service Provence S.A.R.L. in Vitrolles (France).  

2007: Acquisition of Voith Küsel GmbH & Co. KG Adlerstrasse / Essen  

Acquisition of Voith Küsel GmbH & Co. KG in Essen. Thus expansion in the manufacturing and repair sector of ultra-heavy duty universal joint shafts.  

2006: Relocation of the subsidiary Weingarten Gausstrasse / Weingarten  

Move of the subsidiary Weingarten to a larger building. During the same period, the administration of the sector Welte tube bending technology was expanded from 240 sqm ot 550 sqm. 

2005: Founding of Cardan Service Italia S.r.l. Novi Ligure / Italy  

Founding of Cardan Service Italia S.r.l. in Novi Ligure (Italy). In the same year, takeover of the company Burkhard, Korntal and integration of the machinery and employees into our branch in Magstadt.  

2004: Acquisition of Maier Gelenkwellen-Service Rischerstrasse / Heidelberg  

Acquisition of Maier GW-Service in Heidelberg.  

2004: Gründung der Firma Welte Cardan Service Sp. Z o.o. Myslowice / Polen  

Gründung der Firma Welte Cardan Service Sp. Z o.o. in Myslowice / Polen. Gründung der Firma Welte Tube Tech GmbH am Standort Lessingstraße.

2003: Acquisition of Cardan Service SAS Weyersheim / France  

Acquisition of Cardan Service SAS in Weyersheim (France).  

2001: Acquisition of Unipart Dominikus-Zimmermann-Strasse / Weingarten  

Acquisition of Unipart and establishing the brand EDS.  

2000: Relocation of Welte Rohrbiegetechnik GmbH to Lessingstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

New location for Welte Rohrbiegetechnik GmbH by moving to the former school furniture factory Casala in Neu-Ulm.  

1998Acquisition of Cardan & Service GmbH Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse / Magstadt  

By taking over the company Cardan & Service GmbH in Magstadt, Welte Group could establish a base in the greater Stuttgart area.  

1992: Acquisition of Delmotte et Fils Strasbourg / France  

The acquisition of the company Delmotte et Fils in Strasbourg was the first step to enter into the French market.  

1991: Building of a new hall for the hose department Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

Building of a new hall for the hose, automotive parts and drive shafts sector.  

1990: Extension of the premises by acquisition of a new estate Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

Acquisition of a new estate with residential house and warehouse from the forwarding agency Honold. This laid the foundation for setting up a spare parts warehouse with over 7500 different items.  

1988: Establishment of the department CNC-Tube Bending Technology Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

The purchase of CNC tube bending machines, a 3D coordinate measuring machine and machinery for tool making as well as welding equipment allowed the company to build up the tube bending technology department.  

1979: The two sons joined the company Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

Under the management of the two sons Dipl. Ing. (FH) Alfred Welte and Dipl. Ing. (FH) Egon Welte jun. the drive shaft sector, development and manufacturing of hydraulic power units have expanded even further.   

1976: Opening of a car parts trade Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

Opening of a car parts trade as well as sale of hydraulic components and tube fittings.  

1951: Opening of a F.X. Meiller Service Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

Opening of a F.X. Meiller Tipper Service and establishment of a sector for radiator service repair.  

1948: Manufacturing of special axles Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

Furthermore manufacturing of special axles, tandem axle units and balance springs. Due to low profitability this manufacturing sector was stopped in 1982. Set up of a drive shaft service. Takeover of the workshop for car radiators from the company... 

1946: Relocation and Reconstruction Ahornstrasse / Neu-Ulm  

After the end of the war, reconstruction and at the same time relocation of the company to the Industrial Park East of Neu-Ulm.  

1925: Setting up a garage at the corner of Garten-Karlstraße / Neu-Ulm  

August Welte acquires a residential and office building in Neu-Ulm and set up a garage. Besides repairs, he manufactured forging machines, forging hammers, pneumatic farm carts, mechanical and hydraulic tipper bodies, axles for agricultural vehicles...  

1924: Construction of horse-drawn carriages Deutschhausgasse / Ulm  

Construction of horse-drawn carriages for the agricultural sector. At this time in the craft enterprise, they were mainly shoeing horses and carrying out repairs of carriages, but also trailers and bodies have already been made.  

1923: Implementation of training courses in horseshoeing Deutschhausgasse / Ulm  

Implementation of training courses in horseshoeing by Alex Welte, who also shod horses in the craft enterprise.  

1921: Founding of the company Deutschhausgasse / Ulm  

Foundation Blacksmiths Shop of the brothers Alex and August Welte in Deutschhausgasse in Ulm.