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Tube Welding

We weld manually and partially automated at the highest qualitative and normative level

In addition to our core competence of tube bending, our welding shop offers our customers a wide range of different welding processes for tube welding work and welded constructions. All our welders are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9606 in the welding processes MAG and TIG welding and weld at the highest level. In addition, we weld semi-automatically on state-of-the-art 6-axis TIG orbital equipment and MAG robotic welding equipment.

We weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum in a diameter range from 6mm to 300mm and a wall thickness of up to 5mm. Our welding shop is certified according to ISO 3834-2, EN 15085 CL1 and DIN 2303 and meets the qualitative requirements of many industries that require a regulated welding process.

All media-carrying pipelines are 100% tested for tightness of our welds by trained personnel. For this purpose we use the test methods with leak detection spray, oil test bench up to 500bar and hydrogen leak detection. In addition, our welding experts carry out VT visual inspection and PT dye penetrant testing according to DIN EN ISO 9712 level 2 if required.

To ensure the highest level of quality for our customers, we manufacture according to a DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified process.