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picture of tube-bending - hose technology


High pressure range up to 630 bar

We manufacture hoses from DN2-DN100 for the low and high pressure range up to 630 bar operating pressure for all media as per sample, drawings or customer’s request. Various testing methods for the fabricated product guarantee the necessary safety to our customers. 

  • Thermoplastic hoses DN2-DN32
  • Teflon hoses DN6-DN25
  • Metal hoses DN6-DN300
  • Cooling system hoses and air hoses DN6-DN100
  • Press fittings with connections as per DIN, SAE, BSP, JIC, NPT, NPTF
  • Special fittings as per customer’s request 
  • Hydraulic hoses as per DIN 20021 up to 20023
    textile-braided 2/3TE
    wire-braided 1/2SN
    spiralwire-braided 4SP/SH-6SP