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EDS – ALL DRIVESHAFT: The Driveshaft brand for high-quality applications

EDS at the heart of resilient supply chains. Individually configurable and immediately available: More than 20,000 different spare parts and over 5,000 ready-to-install shafts in stock.

With EDS - ALL DRIVESHAFT we would like to restore interrupted supply chains: Our new drive shaft product brands EDS and EDS PLUS are not only highly configurable to the requirements of customers from the automotive, industrial and mechanical/plant engineering sectors. In addition, more than 20,000 different EDS individual components and more than 5,000 ready-to-install EDS drive shafts are immediately available from stock. This means that customers no longer have to wait impatiently for parts on the assembly line or in workshops, nor do they have to tie up capital in their own uneconomical warehousing. EDS offers special advantages in its portfolio for parts wholesalers: All inventory queries and ordering processes can be greatly accelerated via the cloud-based TecCom interface. For commercial vehicle brands, TOPMOTIVE provides automated number conversion for fast and correct parts identification. Ulf KΓΌck, Managing Director of Welte Cardan-Service GmbH, comments: "EDS - ALL DRIVESHAFT offers our customers a complete package of drive shafts and components in OE quality, a high level of delivery capability, personal advice and the option of direct electronic connection. This makes it possible to build resilient, competitive and, above all, planning-safe supply chain concepts or Industry 4.0 supply chains."

Partnership in the service and after-sales market
EDS and EDS PLUS are drive shaft brands from Welte 'Made in Germany'. The product lines meet all customer requirements in terms of delivery capability, fitting accuracy and quality. Complete shafts are manufactured to exact manufacturer or customer specifications from batch size 1 or, in the case of EDS PLUS, with tested original parts. With the overall package of a large stock and the possibility of digital direct connection, we present ourselves as a future-oriented partner for parts wholesalers. The high degree of flexibility in meeting individual requirements enables deep integration into the customers' value-added processes and strengthens their competitiveness in the long term.

Development Know-How
In addition to supplying parts wholesalers and vehicle manufacturers, we are also available as a development partner for companies that do not have the resources to build up their own development competencies and production capacities. Original equipment manufacturers in particular are under great pressure to innovate, which is exacerbated by the shortage of skilled workers. We bring our many years of know-how to bear here and ensure highly agile production processes. As a local contact partner, we ensure that orders for individual items as well as small series are fulfilled flexibly.

High delivery capability reduces capital commitment in the warehouse
The various spare parts and ready-to-install EDS drive shafts are shipped via overnight express, freight forwarding and delivery services - on request also in neutral packaging on behalf of the customer. Due to the high delivery capacity, companies can significantly reduce their stock levels and thus their capital commitment, especially for products with a low turnover factor. 

Further information on EDS can be found here.