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Company celebration for the 101-year anniversary

The year 2021 took on a special significance in the company history of the WELTE Group. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the 100th anniversary of the company could not be celebrated last year. This was finally made up for last Friday.

The summer party has a long tradition at Welte and this year it was celebrated in a very special way. Visitors were admitted to the Wiley Club at 6:00 pm. The host briefly welcomed the guests and then the first item on the agenda began. The performance of the aerobics group of SSV Ulm 1846 created an exuberant atmosphere. Mr Alfred Welte then welcomed the guests and they enjoyed a film presentation about the history of the Welte company.

After dinner, the first big show began late in the evening. A table magician, who went from table to table with his arts, impressed the guests. This was followed by the world-class juggler Daniel Hochsteiner, who gave an impressive performance. DJ Kai then later provided a rollicking atmosphere.

We are already looking forward to the next summer party and would like to thank all employees for the successful celebration.