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Opening Welte Asopos Academy May 2021

Virtually, but nevertheless ceremoniously, the Academy for Modern Production of Welte-Asopos-Akademie GmbH u. Co KG opened its doors on 29/04/2021.

The main approach of a lean production philosophy is "avoidance of waste of any kind". Rupert Urban, managing director of the consulting company Asopos, has made it his task to communicate this guiding principle and to pass it on to medium-sized companies. From many years of cooperation with the Welte Group and Sesa Systems GmbH, an alliance has now been formed that provides companies with targeted advice and training with a broadly based knowledge portfolio with regard to optimized and lean processes.

Competent webinars instead of champagne reception

The Academy for Modern Production and the faces behind it introduced themselves at the start with four webinars spread throughout the day. After a brief history of its origins, the virtually integrated participants were introduced to the world of "lean production management". Markus Klatt, divisional sales manager at Sesa Systems GmbH, and Rupert Urban, head of Welte Asopos Akademie GmbH & Co. KG, showed the premises and then went into detail about the opportunities and possibilities of the academy for customers. The focus was on the training and consulting services offered with regard to the implementation of a highly productive workday and optimal standard processes in production. Mr. Urban also made clear the importance of lean management, especially in today's age of Industry 4.0: "The topic has always been important, it just hasn't always been recognized. The normal fundamentals of lean production are not invalidated by the use of digital tools. You need short material paths, small batch sizes and fast setup even in a fully digital factory."

Creating an innovative space for advanced training within the factory

The Academy for Modern Production's offering directly addresses weak points in production processes and develops solutions for timely and effective production. The goal is to train employees and managers in leaner production management, so that with successful implementation within the company, the loss of material and working time can be reduced in such a way that costs can be saved in the long term.

From years of experience in consulting medium-sized companies, Urban had to realize again and again that the implementation of "lean production principles" was started almost everywhere, but the effects were often not visible. This is due to the fact that mostly only partial areas were optimized and no holistic view of the processes took place. The greater cost advantages are often only achieved at a higher level of maturity .A deeper knowledge of the interrelationships is necessary here, according to Urban.

With the visual factory approach, company processes are presented to customers and new potentials for logistics, warehousing and value streams are quickly identified. With the experience of over ten years combined with the partners of the Welte Group and Sesa Systems GmbH, the Academy for Modern Production stands by its customers with individual and innovative solutions for "lean production management".